Nel 2

Watercolor, 11×7.5″ Nel #1 (larger)

Last week I posted my portraits of Nel and Rita for the Portrait Party blog’s birthday celebration. Today I worked on painting Nel from a different photo. Above is my first attempt.

Nel and Rita both did wonderful portraits of me for the Portrait Party. You can see Rita’s here and Nel’s here. They captured my likeness and a sense of my funny side and joyfulness.

Here’s today’s second version:

Nel 3

Watercolor, 11×7.5″ Nel #2 (larger)

You might notice that the drawing is exactly the same in both paintings. That’s because I did the drawing first and scanned it “just in case” I messed up. Then, when I wanted to do another painting, I printed the drawing out on a piece of watercolor paper and started again.
Nel 4

Watercolor, 11×7.5″ Nel #3 (larger)

I’m not happy with any of these, and I seem to have put my frustration on Nel’s face. Since that seems to be the general theme in my painting this week, maybe it’s time to move on to making color charts, always a good thing to do when the muse is on strike.

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  1. But all of these, cara, are really so masterfully done!! The skintone, the hair, beautifully done!!! I don’t know Nel, but the work you did on these is magnificent!


  2. Great thinking with you idea of scanning. This looks like it was a fun exercise for you all.

    You really are being too hard on your self. Your work is lovely.


  3. These skin tones and features are done beautifully! Sometimes that personal frustration comes through in the work and that may be the case. Take a bread and do something that is just plain fun!


  4. The one Nel did of you, looks like you!


  5. hi

    great work…first one’s my fave…wanna swap?


  6. Nicely done. I do that too – photocopy a drawing and try out another colour scheme. When I’m lazy I just try out with photo-edit which is not a ‘material’ thing at all. I liked the portraits the two women did you you. Bright and breezy and nice red hair.


  7. I like the third one the best. The paleness of her head/hair looks stunning next to the dark blouse. It’s really nice.
    (and thank you for your recent note and smile)


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