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Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore, Berkeley

Mrs. Dalloway's Book Store

Ink & Watercolor in Strathmore drawing sketchbook, 6×8″ (Larger)

After my dentist appointment today I took a walk up to College Avenue in the Elmwood district of Berkeley, foraging for lunch. I chose Ferrari’s Deli where I had a delicious grilled “Perugia” sandwich (roasted pork sirloin, black truffle butter and Asiago cheese on toasted ciabatta bread). I sat a sidewalk table to eat, with a view of Mrs. Dalloway’s bookstore across the street. Then I got out my sketchbook and started drawing, sad that I’d left my watercolors in my car, half a mile away.

I took a couple photos (fearing I wouldn’t remember all the colors, like the orange reflection of Ferrari’s awning appearing in Mrs. Dalloway’s windows) and then added the watercolor at home tonight. The paper in this sketchbook is not designed for wet media but works fine if you don’t overwork it. I like it because it’s just the right size, the paper is nice, especially for drawing, and quite inexpensive.

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Your sketches are always playful, therefore enjoyable. More fun than stiff architecturally perfect drawings. Your drawings make me want to visit and eat the food.

Perfection is often very dull.


These building sketches have so much feeling in them. They convey so much more than a photograph possibly can. LOVE IT!!!! The colors are so bright and rich too.


Yes, what a lovely painting of a book shop. Very inviting but would Virginia approve? Somehow she didn’t seem to be into warm colours. I really didn’t warm to her books except they sound very good when read over the radio. Of course she was so so so right about the notion that every woman needs a room of her own.


That’s a wonderful picture – really beautiful. And since I love the bookstore as well, extra special…


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