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Happy Halloween: Figure Drawing Date with a Skeleton

Halloween Date, charcoal on paper
Halloween Date, charcoal on paper

For a pre-Halloween figure drawing session, the model posed with a skeleton as if they were on a date, making small talk on the sofa. While the model and the rest of the group took a lunch break I continued drawing the skeleton, who needed no break and continued posing nicely.

I think we had about an hour and a half on this pose with the model, plus my time with Mr. Skeleton. I wish I’d sketched in a bit of the background so that their funky sofa wasn’t just floating in space.

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Halloween Candy & Earthquakes

Halloween Candy

Watercolor on Arches Hot Press paper in 5.5 x 7.5″ sketchbook

Last night was Cody’s birthday party at Hunan Villa in Pinole.  There were 10 of us sitting around the table celebrating, with good food and good company. Halfway through dinner we all noticed the table seemed to be rocking back and forth and so did my chair. Everyone looked at each other trying to make sense of it.  At first we all thought it was someone bumping the table, but the floor seemed to be moving in a strange wavelike manner as well. Suddenly a painting flew off the wall two feet away from us and smashed to the floor, scattering glass everywhere. That’s when we realized it was a fairly good-sized earthquake. Fortunately that was the end of it (for now) and we all went back to celebrating, considerably more alert than before.

These candies are called “Gruesome Gummy Candy” (and one Hersheys Nugget) — all that was left at 6:00 P.M. at Longs on my way home.  I think they’re supposed to be spiders or tarantulas. I like to wait until the last minute to buy Halloween candy so I don’t eat it all, long before the trick-or-treaters arrive. Sadly only three groups came to my door tonight. In my old neighborhood where I lived on a main street, streams of cute little ones came by all night long, which I relished. Now what to do with all the extra candy? Hmmmm…..