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Stumped by Stumpy Carrots

Stumpy Carrot Study 2, oil on panel, 8x8"
Stumpy Carrot Study #2 with Apple, oil on Gessobord panel, 8×8″

A fresh bunch of colorful, stumpy, little carrots with greens still attached: a great still life subject, I thought. But after two days of painting carrots I had my doubts. I was happier with the one above, my second attempt.

Stumpy Carrot study #1, oil on Gessobord panel, 8x8"
Stumpy Carrot Study #1 with Olive Oil Jug, oil on Gessobord panel, 8×8″

After the first try (Study #1) above, I wasn’t so sure. I tried and tried with the first one but it just wasn’t happening. In a rare moment of painting sanity, I decided to abandon the first one and try another composition (Study #2 at top).

I questioned whether to even post the first study since I’m not happy with the carrots. What do you think? Is it interesting or helpful to show the ones I don’t like? Or should I only post my best work that I’m proud of?

I don’t know if it was their hours under the lights or my hours struggling with them, but by the time I finished the carrots were looking an awful lot less appealing to me. I ate them anyway. Sliced and steamed with a little butter. They tasted better than they painted.