Portrait of Dylan H. from Sktchy

This was one of those paintings that just flowed and was fun from beginning to end…

Oil painting and pencil sketch of Dylan H from Sktchy, 11x7.”
Oil portrait of Dylan H from Sktchy, 11×7”

This was one of those paintings that just flowed and was fun from beginning to end. I started with a drawing in pencil (below) on Arches Oil paper and then applied a layer of Golden GAC 100 acrylic sealant over the sketch to make the surface less absorbent and more slippery.

Graphite sketch of Dylan H from Sktchy, 11x7"
Graphite sketch of Dylan H from Sktchy, 11×7″

My goal for this painting was to stop as soon as the painting said what I wanted to say and before things got over-worked, overly perfected and I’m pleased to say that’s exactly what I did. Sure, there are many things that could be better but I like it just the way it is.

The images below show the steps in the process, from the graphite drawing, to an umber underpainting, to the block-in and final layer of paint.

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My high school best friend is a retired art teacher in Sacramento. She only paints in oils. Says they’re easier to work with. She loves the creaminess of paint. Make a mistake, scrape it off and repaint. Says watercolor the hardest.

We lost touch after highschool. She went to Ferris. Me Central. Found her after 48 years of loosing her. She led quite the life, from quitting Ferris end of sophmore year, following a boyfriend to his home in Mexico to discover he’s gay, living in a commune in Detroit, married three times, result two sons, last one to Sal Valentino who was lead singer to famous musical group – Beau Brummels. They were popular at time of Beatles. She just divorced him as he was bipolar. Oh, she saves greyhounds. Our bond was riding horse as teenagers.


Thanks for the fascinating message Debbra. What a story!!!! Do you paint? I started in oils then switched to watercolor for many years. Got really good at it, taught watercolor and really enjoyed it. There is a lot to know if you want to control the medium, but there’s really nothing more beautiful. I don’t think oil painting is easier than watercolor, but it depends on the individual and what their goals are. I switched back to oil painting and found it to be really challenging. The general painting process for oils is completely opposite that of watercolor and it was hard to retrain myself. Also hard to go from expert to beginner and after 10 years back at oils, still feel like a beginner. That’s the beauty of art though, always more to learn!


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