First Calla, oil on panel, 10x8"

First Calla, oil on panel, 10×8″

Continuing on with my big May catch-up on posting work from the past few months. It was a gloomy winter day but one of the volunteer calla lilies was blooming and I had to paint it. This was a one-session alla prima oil painting.

Photo of still life set up

Photo of still life set up

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  1. Oh, Jana, this is exquisite. I hope you put it on Face Book so I can share it. Thanks so much for showing this to us.


  2. Hi Annie, Thanks so much. This was actually posted on FB back in December 2017 on my FB page: I don’t know if you’d want to go to all that trouble to scroll down my feed to find and share it. It’s easy to share from here by clicking the Share on FB button below but it will unfortunately post the photo of the flower instead of the PAINTING, which is so frustrating! FB just randomly chooses the wrong image nearly every time to represent the post.


  3. Well done!! Although it’s hard to picture gloomy winter days in California!!


    • I live near the foggy SF Bay so there are lots and lots of grey, cold, gloomy days but nothing like what folks have everywhere else where cold is really COLD!

      On Sun, May 20, 2018 at 7:58 AM Jana Bouc, Artist wrote:




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