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Halloween City Sketching: Great Spooky Fun!

Halloween City Masks and Punkin Pups, ink & watercolor, 8x5"
Halloween City Masks and Punkin Pups, ink & watercolor, 8×5″

We had so much fun sketching at Halloween City, a popup store in the former Petsmart in Albany (next door to Berkeley). They had a great sound system and were playing a variety of good music from stormy classical to Halloween-themed pop hits and dance music.

The Spooky Butler "Skulls anyone?" ink & watercolor, 8x5"
The Spooky Butler: “Skulls anyone?” ink & watercolor, 8×5″

Along with all the costumes, masks, props and decorations they had a bunch of displays with computerized life-sized ghouls that pop up or start talking or laughing. This spooky butler was part of one of those displays.While I was drawing him the store manager had to climb into the display to change one of the ghoul’s suits. I wonder why.

They also had some inexpensive skeletons and skulls that were close enough anatomically to the models I’ve wished I could afford for studio anatomy practice that I may go back and buy one.

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