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Apple, Pitcher, Egg: Finding My Way

Apple, Pitcher and Egg; Oil on board, 8x8"
Apple, Pitcher and Egg; Oil on board, 8×8″

With each painting I do I’m getting closer to finding my way, or I should say my way. I am attracted to so many styles and ways of painting, from tightly rendered realism to loose and sketchy and everything in between. Some require more time and patience then I have; others are fun to paint but the results don’t interest me.

I painted this one a couple months ago (I’m so behind on posting!) at the beginning of this honing in period (or is it homing in?). As I catch up on posting the paintings and sketches I’ve done since this one, I’ll be sharing the process and work that has helped me to sort out what and how I enjoy painting and what I don’t; what I do well and what I need to learn to improve.

After chasing so many different approaches, sometimes in circles, it’s exciting to get close to finding my way, which was probably there all along waiting for me to come back to it.