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Subway is TOO LOUD
Subway is TOO LOUD

I’ve gotten so used to sketching people in public that sometimes I forget to be subtle. Then I get glares or confused looks from people who can’t figure out why I keep looking at them. One day a guy down the train was holding up a camera and continuously filming everyone which I found annoying. Filming seems more intrusive since my drawings rarely capture a close-enough likeness for anyone to worry about.

Here are some random people sketches, mostly from my 13 minute subway ride to work. They are displayed first in a slide show (with arrows to click through) and at the bottom in “gallery” format. In gallery format you can click to enlarge a picture.

Please take the poll in between the two so I can learn which type of display for multiple pictures you prefer. THANKS!

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Photos intrusive and sketching people not so? Hmm. I do both, but try to be subtle. Perhaps get permission for a photo. Sometimes the model’ comes over and want a peek. Photos are not a good idea really as they might be put on the internet! As if drawings don’t go there. Keep up the good work.


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