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Coconut Flour Zucchini Muffin Thief

Coconut Flour Zucchini Muffins, ink & watercolor 5x7"
Coconut Flour Zucchini Muffins, ink & watercolor 5x7"

I love zucchini muffins so was excited to find a recipe for grain-free version made with coconut flour. I got carried away grating zucchinis in my ancient Cuisinart food processor before realizing the recipe only called for 3/4 cup. Oops. But it turns out there are many other good uses for grated zucchini

The muffins turned out really well. I set them on a rack to cool and left the room. When I walked back into the kitchen an hour later I found muffins scattered about the floor with the tops chewed off and  surrounded by crumbs. Bad Kittie Fiona!

I should have known to hide them from the little calico carboholic instead of leaving them out to tempt her. She once stole a box of Ak-Mak crackers and somehow dragged it under my bed to eat them. She’s even chowed down on dry spaghetti noodles and Cheerios.

I rescued the rest of the muffins and set them on a plate to sketch (above). Then I ate one with a cup of tea. Yum!

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Sounds delicious! I can’t believe Fiona eats muffins. Our kitty has turned into a terrible thief lately – she stole the rest of the meat last Sunday, and she seems to be able to jump up to the highest surfaces in a single bound, but carbs are safe.
Missing you – I must come out from under my rock and start blogging again….


Ditto! Yes, please do start blogging again. I still have your blog in my feed reader, just in case you.

My other kitty is the meat thief! He can gracefully leap 6 feet in the air and land perfectly on top of a bookcase or the fridge and is a master at getting into cabinets, where he likes to hide. I left grilled lamb chops on the counter for 5 minutes while I answered the phone and he’d demolished one and started on another before I could rescue them. What’s worse is that he carries them to the rug in the pantry where I feed him so whatever he steals is covered with hair and crud. He also gets into the trash if I forget to lock that cabinet and helps himself to chicken bones and other nasty stuff, even if they’re covered with coffee grounds. What a mess!



oh these muffins sound great…what a silly kittie, mine likes to fetch the sponge and other
small things he can carry around in his mouth…so far he hasn’t tried to eat any carbs but i bet
he would if they were within his reach. thanks for the recipe, i will look for coconut flour, haven’t
seen any that i can recall. i really appreciate a gluten free recipe.


That’s a funny image, a kitty carrying around a sponge! Fiona likes little twist ties and bottle caps and such that she can flip around and chase but she’s never bothered with soft things like sponges. Jana


They’re pretty filling given all the eggs they contain (which is required when using coconut flour). If I have them for breakfast by themselves I’ll eat two but as a snack, one’s plenty. Jana


That’s quite an image — the feline thief stealing muffins! Wonder what a narrative painting of that would look like? Meanwhile, these painted muffins look yummy. I can understand why the kitty was tempted!


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