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Tomatoes Try Again

November Tomatoes Again, Oil on board, 9x12"
November Tomatoes Again, Oil on board, 9x12"

After wishing I could hit “rewind” to get the tomato vines/stems and patterned cloth back in the November Tomatoes oil painting, I realized that I could just paint them back on thanks to the wonders of oil paint.

For reference material I used the photo of the original painting and the tomato vine/stems that I’d snipped off but still had (having saved them for my cats to play with). I experimented first in Photoshop, “painting” stems on the photo of the previously “finished” painting to try to come up with a design that carried the eye around and not out of the painting.

Then I mixed up some stem colors and had fun swirling them on the painting. I worked a bit more on tomatoes, shadows, added some color and reflections in the bowl and painted the background again.  I think it’s a happier picture now, and one that presented me with many learning opportunities. So I’m happier moving on too.

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Thanks Kai, That’s about the nicest thing anyone could say–that’s it’s illuminated from within! I am persistent if nothing else, that’s for sure. Sometimes it brings things to life, but just as often does the opposite. I appreciate your encouragement! Jana


This has worked so well with the stems and background (wish I knew how to use photoshop to compose like you do). I still like the freshness of the watercolour, but this oil is fabulous now.


This is lovely – very loose. When I paint in oils it’s always so tight. I actually thought it was a watercolor when I first saw it on my monitor.


Somehow it added fairy-tale look to the vegetables.
I understand the million comforts of Photoshop and on-line color combinations choosers. But doesn’t the digital tools wipe off the soul and individuality from our paintings? The movement to perfectness.
Just a thought after I read several posts in several blogs, nothing bad about your tomatoes, of course.


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