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Birthday Blog: Glads and Gladioli

Birthday Glads and Gladioli, ink & watercolor
Birthday Glads and Gladioli, ink, rubber stamps, watercolor

My blog and I are celebrating our birthdays! My blog turned 4 last month and my birthday was Saturday but I’m celebrating all month. My neighbors gave me this little bouquet of glads (gladioli) which was perfect because I had so many birthday things I was glad for.

Unlike some who expect bling for their birthday, I’m much more down to earth. Some of the highlights of what made me glad on my birthday:

  1. Starting the day with my annual pilgrimage (a 3-mile round trip walk) to Fat Apples for a baked apple souffle/pancake with my sister and my best friend (who gave me a beautiful ceramic bowl she made).
  2. A short nap (because I woke up at 5:00 a.m. like a little kid on Christmas).
  3. A cleaned out garage courtesy of my son Cody (the only gift I’d asked for).
  4. Getting to borrow my neighbor’s truck and then making it to the dump just before they closed to get rid of a truckload of 10 years of junk.
  5. A homemade card from my mom with photos of my grandmother pregnant with my mom and my mom pregnant with me (and a nice check).
  6. A delicious dinner with Cody.
  7. A video, a cup of tea and a great night’s sleep.
  8. A perfect start to my 2-week birthday vacation!

My vacation is a “stay-cation” with lots of time for sketching and painting in the beautiful Bay Area. And along with spending some quality time in the backyard on the chaise lounge with a book, I have also promised (myself) to finally restock my earthquake emergency supplies since all the food and water in there have expired by now.

Blog Birthday: Thank You!

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THANKS to all of you wonderful blog visitors for your encouragement, support and the great conversations! I’m so grateful for every comment and every visit, and for the many friends I’ve made with artists around the world who share their wisdom so generously!

19 replies on “Birthday Blog: Glads and Gladioli”

Happy birthday to both of you and congratulations! Being grateful for everything that you mentioned is the best gift of all. Enjoy your staycation and I am looking forward to seeing your sketches. Take care:)


Happy birthday to both of you! I look forward to the art you make on your two week birthday vacation! What a good idea!! I usually take the day off but maybe I’ll shoot higher next year! Have a wonderful day as well as the next couple of weeks!


Happy birthday Jana!

Fab post, especially after the last bad mood, I’m GLAD you are feeling happy again. Enjoy your stay-cation and I look forward to seeing your sketches & paintings.


I so enjoy your blog, Jana and am delighted that you are having some time for yourself.
This simple entry is so fresh and lovely, it radiates JOY.
Happy Birthday from Elizabeth


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