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Cat Translation Spell (Never Mind!)

Cat Translation Spell, ink and colored pencil
Cat Translation Spell, ink and colored pencil

I’ve often wished I could understand what my cats were saying but I should have known! Fortunately the Cat Translation Spell has an Unspell to reverse the effects.

This is another page in my Fake Journal for International Fake Journal Month. I was excited to get to this page where the black paper transitions to the brown pages. It’s so much fun drawing with white and gold gel pen on the black and colored pencil works beautifully on both of these papers.

12 replies on “Cat Translation Spell (Never Mind!)”

Cute and funny! Very whimsical cat spells! I too wish to understand what my cat is saying, and I often do when she is talking about her dish or a closed door she needs to be opened. It is when she gets into her philosophical monologues I get lost… 🙂


Oh goodness, I don’t think I would ever want to know what my cat is thinking….I know enough already!! LOL

Oh, and your paintings on the last post are all wonderful!


I agree with you, Libby. Not only swearing but nobody can give us the finger like a cat.


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