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Fruit Fail, Flap Fail

Fruit Fail Flap Fail, graphite and watercolor 9x6"
Fruit Fail Flap Fail, graphite and watercolor 9x6"

When my toilet decided to start saving water by only doing half flushes, a knowledgeable friend took a look and said I needed a new flapper. He showed me how to remove the old one and told me to take it to my wonderful neighborhood hardware store, Pastime Hardware in El Cerrito, to get a replacement. I knew I would be going to Pastime to sketch with my Tuesday Night Sketchcrawl buddies so I waited until then to remove it.

Tonight was our sketchcrawl and it was so much fun. When I got home I wanted to sketch this intriguing failed flapper and thought it would be an interesting juxtaposition to pair it with this failed persimmon. (I waited too long to eat it and now it’s squishy and I just can’t eat squishy fruit.) This is the kind of persimmon meant to be eaten crisp.

I will post my hardware store sketches and a couple of amusing stories from our evening there, next time as sleep seems more important right now.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t familiar with the concept of something being “FAIL,” and have never seen the hilarious FAIL blog, I highly recommend a visit! Who knew there were so many ways for things to go wrong, from stupid signs, to stupid people. It always makes me laugh.

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I think I have the same problem on one of my toilets. On Saturday, you will have to explain how to replace it. Now YOU are the knowledgeable one. See you Saturday.

Jana Cortez


At first it seemed to make it worse and then I figured out I needed to shorten the chain on the flapper. (and this was after installing it upside down the first time — if it’s possible to do something backwards or upside down I always will!). But now it’s working great! Jana


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