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View from Stege Marsh, Richmond Bay Trail

View from Bay Trail, Richmond, oil 6x8"
View from Stege Marsh, Richmond Bay Trail, oil 6x8"

This isn’t the painting I made at Sunday’s plein air location in a funky old marina in Crockett, beside the Carquinez Bridge. I was mad at that painting so I did this one to get even. I worked from a photo I took on the Bay Trail near my house to give myself a chance to paint in easier circumstances (no wasps buzzing around my hands, no trains going by every half an hour only 10 feet away, no cars rumbling overhead, no sweaty heat, and light that doesn’t move).

Feeling a little more confident after that, I tried to fix up the painting I’d done under the bridge (where the only shade could be found on that hot day). What made me mad about the painting was primarily that I didn’t come close to meeting the goal I’d set for myself that day: to SIMPLIFY and also that it is just a stupid composition. The view was tricky as everything was in direct afternoon sun except the foreground which was in shade.

Under Carquinez Bridge, Crocket, REVISED, oil 6x8"
Under Carquinez Bridge, Crocket, REVISED, oil 6x8"

I will keep working on the goal of simplifying in my oil paintings, as I’ve had a major breakthrough in my understanding about why it’s important, which I’ll write about in my next post.

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Jana, I love your statement about getting mad at a painting and painting another to get even! Thanks for giving me an early morning smile!
I, too, am struggling to simplify my compositions – why is it so difficult? I look forward to reading about your breakthrough.
Thank you for sharing your processes and struggles!


Thanks Julie, I’m so behind on my email, but I’m glad I just read yours because you reminded me that I forgot to write that post about my breakthrough. I think I’ll do that now! Jana


I’m glad you’re happy with the Stege Marsh picture….it is beautiful! I find your response to paintings you don’t like to be interesting and one I should probably adopt…..I always get mad at ME!

I think I’ve said it before, but I am impressed with the way you can move between media so well. I’ve tried oils, and will go back to try them again, but didn’t find it an easy switch for some reason…..


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