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Thinking about….People Chow and Pens

People Chow & Pens
Thinking About People Chow & Pen Testing

I’ve been testing pens that I have on hand, trying to find one that is permanent or archival but also will bleed when water is brushed across it. I haven’t found it yet, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way. While I was testing I was hungry and annoyed that I was going to have to stop and go cook dinner, and then clean up after dinner.

I’d recently learned that cats don’t need variety in their food (assuming they’re being fed a high quality cat food) and that in fact, switching their food around gives them digestive problems. Cats only have about 500 taste buds compared to our 9,000 so they make their eating  decisions based on smell (and how hungry they are), not so much on flavor. When I stopped constantly changing their food, Busby’s chronic digestive problems disappeared and he became much nicer to have to around.

Since veterinary science has determined exactly what nutrients are required for cats, why hasn’t medical science discovered something similar for humans? I’m not saying I’d want to eat kibble 3 times a day (although my beloved Cheerios do look an awful lot like kibble and my cat Fiona has been known to rip open the Cheerios box and eat them) but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just take a meal replacement pill, beverage or bar and have all the nutrients needed to nourish the body and stave off hunger until the next mealtime? Take the poll at the bottom of the post and tell me if you agree.

I was also thinking about how much more I enjoy sketches and sketching when they’re about something other than making a copy of something, and when there are words included. Pretty pictures are nice, but when something is just about being a pretty picture it feels soul-less to me. I want some meat in my sketches, not just pretty (or at least some kibble, if not meat).


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I feel the same way, Jana .My mind always works better with words and visuals. As a child I illustrated my letters to friends and family and got such satisfaction until I grew self-conscious and shy about the quality. I’m still trying to get back there–a watercolor sketch on a postcard to someone: “Look at this funny little post office out here in the boonies. A sign on the door ‘CLOSED FOR A TUPPERWARE PARTY.’ Just had to show it to you. Wish you were here to see it.”
That’s my goal.


Annie, That’s fabulous! How neat that you wrote letters to friends, first of all, and that you illustrated them! Wonderful! Did you seriously see a post office that was closed for a Tupperware Party? That’s too funny. I was really into Tupperware when I was pregnant for some reason. Maybe something about being a container myself? Jana


OH, brother (or sister!) This is a yes/no post for me.
Having lived with cats for 60+ years (not the same cats. Of course!) I know that they do appreciate occasional variety which, chez Dinahmow, means licking people plates when we’re finished.
As to the people kibble question. That’s an emphatic NO. I am not much of a cook, but if I can’t eat at least one meal of home-grown, home-cooked food a day I get edgy. Make that cranky!
And on pens that bleed…don’t know about archival quality, but try some of the cheaper ballpoints. Me? I go searching for non-bleeders, so I know that many do bleed.
Boy! I sure used up some space here! Sorry…leaving now…


Diane, never ever worry about using up space here. It’s abundant and I love your messages! I think variety in cat food is good when the cat decides they’re no longer interested in a particular food, but since I’ve been feeding one diet only, Busby is no longer making stink bombs and meowing while he does. Jana


Back again, also. The Sketching Forum has some threads about inks and pens that are archival, some that bleed and some that don’t, and some that bleed when the ink is first put down but become permanent, later. You can look under their search. Rebecca has some, PatW has some.

One recent one is called Platinum Carbon Noodler’s Bulletproof & Pelikan Fountain India. Studio-1-F (Jan) gives some links to demos of how washes pull off the line on some inks. I’ll try putting in the link but it may not be “alive” here.



I’m not sure if it meets your criteria but Sailor Carbon “nano” ink is terrific, dark, juicy, comes in cartridges and/or bottles.

Also an older version of Pilot vBall, extra fine black (no other colours) always works for me and when I look back on older drawings, the ink seems to have suffered no loss.

Several of the Noodler’s ink perform well–including their black, grey, violet vote, etc.


Zoe, Thank you so much for your ink suggestions, but even more for providing a link to your amazing blogs! I love the work you’re doing with the Disintegration Collaboration project.

About the ink, I’m assuming that one would need to use dip pens or maybe my Lamy Safari fountain pen would work with them? I’d love to find a pen like the Micron Pigma or Pitt pens that would have the ink already in them. Dip pens are a problem in the field and I seem to be a klutz with fountain pens. Thanks again! Jana


Jana, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I sent you an email with some possible alternative suggestions about pens. Perhaps one will work.

Best to you.


Yes, Jana, the “Tupperware” tiny post office really existed near the Rhode Island and Connecticut state line. I found it when I got lost (I always get lost) exploring old country roads. I’d probably have to get lost to find it again.


Found your blog while googling “People Kibble” and you are not the only one wondering such a thought! Why has no one developed a nutritionally balanced “chow” for humans? Now I know I’m far too addicted to culinary variety to live off such a thing exclusively, but I’d eat it daily just to ensure that my body was receiving everything it needs. Let’s face it, we are bombarded with unnecessary chemicals in the processed food we already eat, but when we’re in a hurry, fast food and other cheap quick snacks are convenient. People Chow would be the perfect healthy alternative when you need food on the fly, or just don’t have the time, energy or inclination to cook a well-rounded meal. We should not have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience and cooking is all too often Decidedly Not Convenient!


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