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Sketching Around

Rose Walk Steps, Berkeley, Ink & Watercolor
Rose Walk Path steps, Berkeley, Ink & Watercolor

For our Monday night sketchcrawl we met at the Berkeley Rose Garden, sketched a bit, and then took a stroll along Euclid Ave. At sunset we sketched at the foot of the Rose Walk Path steps where two women residents of the cluster of Maybeck cottages there had a cheerful chat in front of a large Japanese maple while we sketched them.

Hollyhocks, ink & watercolor
Berkeley Rose Garden views, Ink & watercolor
Berkeley Rose Garden views, Ink & watercolor

Inside the rose garden I sketched the trees and the person reading in a bright spot of sun. The hollyhocks on the right were our last sketching stop since it was totally dark by the time we finished them.

The Squid Boat, ink & watercolor, 9x6"
The Squid Boat, ink & watercolor, 9x6"

On Sunday I spent the afternoon on a beautiful sailboat on the San Francisco Bay. After our sail my friend Barbara and I found a dockside bench near a cafe to sketch before heading home. This funny little fishing boat was docked there and was a perfect subject for a quick sketch.

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Hey Jana! I dreamt about you last night?! A bit random, I know. But I think it was a reminder that I hadn’t visited your blog in too long a time. Just spent a lovely half an hour looking around. Cheers, my dears.


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