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Sketchcrawl Part II: Hog Island Oysters

Hog Island Oysters
Hog Island Oysters, seaweed

If only there was a rewind button to click at the end of a day to get a do-over. I planned to paint all day but didn’t get in the studio until dinner time and  finally added watercolor to these two sketches from Saturday’s International Sketchcrawl. They are mostly from our wonderful lunch at Hog Island Oysters in the Ferry Building.

We shared a 12 oyster sampler: two of each of the six kinds of oysters they had that day, served on crushed ice and garnished with curly red seaweed. Then we shared a bowl of amazing clam chowder with the clams steamed in their shells on top of the soup and a sparkling  fresh salad of baby greens. Even the sourdough bread was sensational. A cold wheat beer for me and champagne for Martha only added to the perfection.

Hog Island grid
Hog Island grid

That big fish is mounted on the wall, not hanging over diners’ heads as it appears in the picture. Martha gave me the idea of doing a grid at lunch which was fun, although a little frustrating because I had to work so small. These were drawn in my small watercolor moleskin so each grid section is only a couple inches across.

We spent so much time at our table that we felt too guilty to stay longer to add watercolor. There was a line of people waiting for seats and we were hogging a primo window seat. Here’s what it looked like pre-watercolor:

Hog Island grid, ink only
Hog Island grid, ink only

I love this photo Martha took of me sketching at the table. While we were at the table we used our iPhones to connect by email, text message and Facebook with other sketch blogger friends participating in the Sketchcrawl, Lisa in Texas, Marta in San Diego and Shirley in New York.

Happy Jana, photo by Martha
Happy Jana

It was such a great day!

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Again, great photo of you! And yes, one of the highlights of the day was connecting with you and Martha during our crawl. Maybe someday we can do this together and not virtually. Your sketches are all fantastic!


That is an adorable photo of you, Jana! Love the sketches. Very funny Martha telling me ya’ll were at Domaine Caneros. Smartie britches. I recognize her champagne that you painted and we do ohhh so love the grids for such events!
The table and background on your oyster sketch really make it all stand out!
Hope to sketch with you soon.


looks like it was such a fun time! as always I love your sketches:) I haven’t tried any watercolors since my last try (did not turn out well at all-but I know I just gotta keep at it)
I look forward to seeing what you post next-
have a good day


HI jana!

That was really nice meeting you the other day at the Sketch Crawl! your illustrations are very inspiring!
hope to see you at the next crawl:-)
happy sketching!


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