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Jumbo Apricots – Quick Oil Study

Jumbo Apricots - Quick oil sketch


I did this painting before bed last night, giving myself just an hour or two to complete an oil sketch. The panel I was using was a bit slick so the paint wasn’t sticking as well as I’d have liked but I was reasonably pleased with the attempt.

While I was painting my wonderful next door neighbors brought me a huge bouquet of flowers for my birthday. For some reason, as each of the three kids and their parents said “Happy Birthday!” and gave me a hug I said “Happy Birthday to you too!” It wasn’t until I’d said it three or four times that I realized it made no sense. Since English is their second language, maybe they thought that’s just another odd American custom (or another odd Jana-ism). They already thought it was weird enough that I was spending my birthday evening by myself in my studio.

But of course painting is what makes me happy and I get to do what makes me happy on my birthday. I told them I’d paint the flowers the next day (and then realized I’d already started painting them as I’d answered the door with several painty brushes in my hand, and the paint was getting all over the bouquet wrapper.

I started the day with my annual tradition of a hike to Fat Apples Restaurant for a French Apple Pancake with my sister, my niece, and my best friend Barbara. We’ve been doing this every year for at least ten years and it was great spending time together and the pancake/souffle was perfect.

About the painting: Oil on panel, 10×8

5 replies on “Jumbo Apricots – Quick Oil Study”

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANA!!!! AND WHAT A LOVELY WAY ATO SPEND IT — AND A TERRIFIC OIL PAINTING TO MARK IT!! Beautiful job — and in only an hour!! WOW!!! I love the rich colors and the contrasts in the jug and apricots — oh hon, your oils are really getting FABULOUS!!!!

I hope the rest of your birthday weekend is as fantastic!!!!


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