Citrus & Camelia Plein Air

Oil on panel, 9×12″ (Larger)

You really have to work fast to do a still life outdoors in the afternoon. In less than two hours the sun moved overhead far enough that I had to stop because everything was in shadow. I’d gotten all the objects and their shadows well blocked in and probably should have stopped there, calling it a sketch or a study. But of course I couldn’t.

I had to bring it into the studio to “just touch up the edges.” Then I was going to do another quick painting. But I spaced out and before I knew it, overworked areas that I’d originally painted very freely, made more problematic since I’d forgetten exactly what the pattern of light and shadow was on the objects.

Someday I’ll learn to stop while it’s fresh. Nevertheless, I think I did capture the feeling of a bright sunny afternoon, which was my main goal.

Art theory, Oil Painting, Painting, Plein Air, Still Life
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  1. YOU DID~!!! And this is lovely, Jana — bright and very springlike! I too have a tendency to ‘overwork’ until I kill the very freshness I’ve tried for and missed in my enthusiastic ‘fixing’ … sigh .. I think it’s an occupational hazard!


  2. Jann,
    You presented a lovely sun sparkled still life…it’s snowing here in Illinois today with a winter storm warning 6-9 inches possible. You brightened my day and gave me hope for spring.

    Beautiful and well done


  3. Nice colors!

    Bring this to the next class so I can see it person.


  4. The color are so bright and clear – this is a pleasure to look at. I hate that feeling of rushing to do a till life as the shadow relentlessly shorten or lengthen or turn….but this one worked out.


  5. Wow. Those shadows are popping! I like the reflected light on the citrus too.


  6. Jana how interesting to do a still life plein air.
    Wonderful shadows and color.


  7. What gorgeous colours!!!! I’ve never tried oils (and probably won’t be doing any time soon) but I would sure love to have that piece on my wall …


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