A Llama appears

All are ink & gouache in square sketchbook

I started my dreams Friday night (after a really crazy hectic work week) with a strange series of beach scenes. First a llama appeared in the surf and splashed its way out of the water.

Shortly after that a gigantic fat buzzard with white fluffy feathers like a tutu zoomed down and picked at a dead seagull carcass.

Then a buzzard...

Then a herd of huge buffalo chased by hunky hordes of horseback riders goes thundering through the surf: first north then south, then out of the water and up a hill. Then a helicopter (in first image) lands on the water and loads up with my co-workers. Those who don’t fit get into a boat and leave too.

Then horses chasing buffalo

Meanwhile it’s my first day on the job in a different department and I’m trying to print notes for how to use my cellphone and I’m trying to make it 2-sided to keep it in my wallet but I mess up the pages and then discover I have no computer to print from anyway.

Then a woman comes over and says she needs to measure my head size. She tells me how much smaller my head is than hers and says, “that’s just one of those things that happen at our age.” I’m wondering if my head is shrinking* and I also don’t think she’s my age, but then I can’t tell how old she really is.

Head size

* Hmmmm, maybe that last dream is telling me I need a good “head shrinker?” (as psychiatrists are called in the U.S.).

At first I thought there’s no way I can draw these dreams: I don’t know what buffalo and horses and buzzards look like in enough detail to draw them. Then I wondered, if I can see them so clearly in my dream, maybe all I have to do is look at the images I see in my mind when I remember the dream. If I can see it, I should be able to draw it. (Hah!)

I started sketching hesitantly in pencil but quickly realized I needed to just go for it with my pen instead as I usually do. It’s so much more fun to be adventurous and just see what comes out of the pen.

I was able to capture the buzzard, llama and horses close to how I saw them in my dream though not the riders who were all studly stuntmen/Indiana Jones type, not these wimpy riders. But I was hopeless at drawing the buffalo.

Maybe when I finish working on perspective I’ll switch to buffalo (not).

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  1. MY what an active imagination! Especially impressed with llama…


  2. Mercy, girl — your dreams are incredible!!!! And I love the way you illustrate them!!


  3. Oh Jana….. you ought to go into cartoon illistration. Love hearing about your dreams.


  4. I love your dream sketches, Jana, and the accompanying narration! You manage to make “a herd of huge buffalo chased by hunky hordes of horseback riders goes thundering through the surf” seem like the regular kind of headline one might read in a sobre broadsheet newspaper, LOL … great stuff!


  5. But, Jana, if you go to a shrink and get straightened-out, what will become of these wonderful chuckles?
    You’ve brightened my still-raining day.Thanks.


  6. Please let me subscribe to your dreams. A lot more entertaining than mine, wandering parking lot structures and public restrooms naked and with bare feet. The bare feet on public surfaces bother me more than being naked.


  7. The buzzard is absolutely awesome – I can’t believe you did it without a model. My dreams are so boring compared to yours – thanks so much for sharing them!


  8. I have done a painting reminicent of your seagull eating on the beach. I call mine “I don’t know but I like it”.
    I like the crazy way you painted the birds.


    Rick Nilson


  9. What a super great imagination you have and I do like the horse picture. These sketchy pics are so different from your landscape paintings though they are fine too. Do you write stories for children from some of these bizarre picture stories?


  10. I love your dream journaling. I find some of them hilarious, some thought provoking and some beautiful. I love the colors you use because I’m sure your dreams are this vibrant. I love the big head/ little head sketch. boy, could we nit pick the deeper meaning!


  11. I love this dream journaling. I had a longer entry written, but lost it. I hope you have a group to guide you with these dreams. I think the “small head” one could have to do (it would if were my dream!) with the learning curve in a new department, possibly feeling your head is smaller than it should be! But maybe the “head shrinker” one fits, too!!


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