Oil on panel, 9″x12″ (larger)

This is the same scene I did a few days ago in watercolor last week. I’m not sure if I’m done or not, but it’s time to set it aside and give it a week to see what if anything is still needed. It’s interesting how much better I like it when viewing it from a few feet away instead of a close up view like this.

Several times today I thought I was nearly done and then took a break, sitting in a chair across the room with a notepad, writing down all the little things I spotted that needed adjusting and then went back to the painting and checked them all off.

Here’s the original photo reference I took the night before Thanksgiving:
Photo reference for Night Flowerstand
Photo (Larger)

I also got out and did some plein air painting with Elio‘s class on Sunday. He seems to be charmed as we have had no rain on Sundays now for three months of classes…or maybe it’s global warming? But it is pretty amazing being out painting in a sunny meadow in the middle of December. I dug out my longjohns and gloves from my skiing days and a Lifa turtle neck from my sailing days and dressed in several layers, which worked just fine in the mid-50 degree weather. Now if I can just get all the mud out of the crevices in my boots!

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  1. This is a lovely painting and definitely looks finished to me. I love the yellow and the way it catches the light, you’ve brought it to life. It’s so much better than the photo.


  2. Nice. I like the lighting.


  3. You can quit on this one girl. You got the lighting just right.
    The best yet.


  4. Are you trying to jinx me?

    Your oils are really improving…keep at it.


  5. This is wonderful, Jana – and it’s so interesting to compare it with the watercolor of the same subject. This one feels warmer to me – that may have something to do with the medium, it’s hard to tell. I love them both though, what an excellent choice as a subject!


  6. How nice to compare these two paintings. Both beautiful, but I love the oil with its extreme darks and depth, REALLY bringing out the night. This scene just asks for the drama of oil and you did it beautifully!


  7. I like this one better too than the watercolor. The warm colors are stronger, and, somehow, the scene is less “confusing” if that makes any sense?!

    You do beautiful work … I’ve been following your blog for a little while now.



  8. I love the oil of this scene, the light seems to glow better in this one. Just beautiful!!! It’s been clear and cold here too, glad you’ve had sun for your painting time.


  9. Both lovely pieces but my favorite I think is the watercolor; possibly because it’s my favorite medium. I do like the warmth of the oil and reminds me of the flower stalls I saw along La Rambla in Barcelona, Spain. You are such an inspiration!


  10. very nice; I can see why you were intrigued with the subject enough to paint it

    stopping by today from lake trees blog; checking out the top art blogs. congratulations to you!



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