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Busby “Buzz” Berkeley – Illustration Friday


Pencil sketch/study for monotype. Aquabee 6×9 sketchbook.
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I’d been planning to work on sketching my cat Busby, also known as Buzz, to prepare for doing a monoprint of him today so it was convenient that today’s Illustration Friday cue is “Buzz.” Here he is! My next step is to do the drawing again with brushpen and ink, trying to work out making it just black and white. I want to see how extreme I can take it — how few lines and shapes are needed. But that will be tomorrow because…

Tonight is the opening party for my brother-in-law Tim’s show of his photos about building (and burning) the temple at Burning Man (photos) last year. So it’s off to the Lucky JuJu Pinball Art Gallery in Alameda, CA to party instead of painting. Here’s one of Tim’s temple photos:


Photo by Tim Englert 

More on Buzz tomorrow…

11 replies on “Busby “Buzz” Berkeley – Illustration Friday”

BEAUTIFUL, Jana! I love the sweetness of Buzzby — how you’ve captured that and the LOOK of innocence — which you’ve showed us with your previous post — is ONLY a LOOK!! Super job! I’d love to know more about this exhibit too — don’t know much about it!


Hi Jana, Buzz is WONDERFUL!!
So, how in the world did you get him to sit still long enough?? I have 2 cats, Peach and Tahoe, who…. geez, something just crashed in the other room… Peach exploring again! ANYWAY… they never hold still long enough to capture more than a quick sketch!! Is Buzz from life or photograph?
I really love you work!!


Hi Sherri,
Yes, Buzz was drawn from a photo I too for this purpose. Sometimes I draw him from life though. If you click on the Cats category you’ll see some drawn from life.


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