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While I was online tonight….

Fiona's Q-Tips

I set aside tonight to try to catch up on visiting blogs, responding to email and reading this week’s Everyday Matters posts. While I was visiting Andrea and Andrea‘s blogs I noticed through the slightly open door to the bathroom that Fiona (my calico cat) was playing in the bathroom sink. I didn’t think that was too odd since she slept in the sink all the time as a kitten. When I got up to make some tea I discovered she had somehow opened the medicine cabinet door and pulled all the q-tips out of their little container and scattered them about in the sink. She loves to chew on q-tips and her other favorite bad thing is to get on my drawing table and pull pushpins out of my bulletin board and then play with them which really scares me.

This little mess was a perfect metaphor for my day, which was all about little frustrations and annoyances. I spent way too much time standing in line at the post office to mail a CD with files of some paintings to a London publisher who’d requested some images for a book on flower painting. Once I reached the counter and waited for the incompetent postal employee to sort out how it’s done, she determined I’d have to start all over with their packaging, not mine, a contact phone number and a form to fill out, which meant a trip upstairs to my office for the phone number and another wait in line.

Stupidly I had no pen or paper so couldn’t even sketch while waiting and instead just stood their anxiously since I should have been in my office working. Oh well. It eventually got sent and I stayed way late at work to make up the time. I would have sketched the Q-tips, but I really want to get caught up with computer stuff tonight.

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AARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I hate days like that! But the q-tips, Jana — my cat used to sleep in the sink — oh how I wish I had a photo of her to sketch! She’s gone now — sure miss her — but aren’t their antics fun! Well … most of the time …


I am glad you posted a photo, it really is a wonderful snapshot. “the aftermath of calico” One day I came home from lunch and one of my house plants was on the floor, stems broken, dirt scattered. I said to my three cats (1 cat, 2 kittens) which one of you did this? Promptly, Peter (the goofy kitten) walked over to the plant and began to chew on the stem. Bad kitties, but we love them. Don’t you wish you could just know down a cup full of q-tips or knock over a house plant with out a care in the world? And oh yeah! Happy New Year!!!!


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