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Bubbie Hanging Laundry (EDM #88: Breezy)

Breezy - Bubby hanging laundry

Drawn in sketchbook with pencil, scanned into Painter, and digitally inked and painted.

I was very close to my grandmother and was born on her 50th birthday. She was very short and round and so soft…her skin was like velvet…well, very wrinkled velvet, and she always smelled like the sweet dusting powder she used. She had no clothes dryer–didn’t believe in them. She hung everything up to dry in the backyard, though she could barely reach the clothes line. Then EVERYTHING was ironed…even underwear, towels, and sheets. She had a special canvas laundry cart that she dragged the laundry around in that had a pocket stuffed with wooden close pins that I liked to play with. As she ironed she sprinkled the clothes first to dampen them (before steam irons) using a glass milk bottle (from when milk men delivered your milk each morning) with a special top that had holes in it and was designed for that purpose.

I was so happy a few minutes ago…I’d finished this memory drawing of my grandmother (Bubbie) that I’d been working on this week (which was actually for last week’s Everyday Matters challenge) and I’d finished this week’s Illustration Friday challenge and I really liked that drawing too–it WAS so cute and funny. And then Painter crashed just as I added the final, finishing touch. And then I realized I’d been working for two hours and NEVER SAVED that file!!!!! I can’t believe I did that! I was going to post this picture tomorrow and post the Illustration Friday picture tonight, but I can’t. It’s gone. And it’s midnight. I can’t do it over now.

Maybe losing my file was an omen–I’ve been trying to decide whether I wanted to continue pursuing/exploring digital art or stick with watercolors. If I’d done the drawing by hand, I would at least have something to show for the time, something to work with as a reference if I had to do it over. But I have NOTHING. Maybe this was the message I needed to tell me to forget about digital art and stick with paint and paper?

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Well, maybe losing your file was just a reminder that you always need to save and back up. I like your digital worl. Your Granny one is delightful – full of love and detail despite such (deceptively) simple lines. Isn’t it nice how you remember more as you go – I often remember what people say – like our family use of the german ‘mitbringen’ instead of ‘coming home present’ – my granny was Swiss so we had a few such expressions. Do some more ๐Ÿ™‚


Love this even if it is done on the computer, sometimes wish I could fathom that out. Also really like your sleeping cyclist, and what fun the smitten!
Havent had time to get to the computer much this week, John trying to save us from doom eg how to survive an unpresedented drought, after about 4 other unpresedented droughts. I try not too get too depressed. It will rain one day, unfortunatly too late for this season.


Jana — I think this is fabulous — and the memories!!! I am old enough to have had milkmen deliver milk to my door when my children were babes!! Yep, wonderful memories! I’m sorry about all the work disappearing into the ethers — I HATE when that happens, and it happens more than I’d like … SIGH! But hon, I have to tell you, I just LOVE your watercolors — you have such a gift there …. I for one hope you don’t even think about giving it up!


Isnt it funny what these challenges revive in your memories?? I have found it happening to me too…love this sketch…but didnt she wear those stockings that would be rolled down around her knees like my grandmother did?:>


Oh Jana, that IS adorable! And I’m so sorry you lost your work, I’ve done that too…computers!!! I’m trying to learn–SAVESAVESAVE!!!

I hung clothes out for years, too, and still have a clothesline–they smell SO GOOD when dried outdoors. Sometimes I even use lye soap in my washer…yummy. (I have one of those funny little bottle tops here somewhere, too.*G*)


Jana I feel your pain, I think that Painter is notorious for that! I still like the things you can do digitally that are impossible with real materials so I think I’ll always have my feet in both camps and take the risk.

Lovely picture anad story.

We’re lucky – we still have milk bottles delivered.


Growing up in Eureka in the early ’50’s, a major memory for me and my sister is “Quick! Go bring in the laundry: It’s starting to rain!” And our mom had one of those sprinkler-topped bottles, too, for dampening the clothes before ironing. Thanks for the reminders.


This granny picture is adorable, Jana. It brings back memories. My Nani (grandmother) and my mother had a canvas laundry basket with a pocket to hold those wooden clothespins. Remember how fresh everything smelled coming in from the outdoors? Thanks for the memories!


hey, i love it!!! it’s so cute, totally bubbie!!!! i love your other paintings and drawings too, esp. the cactus. gorgeous!!! you’re suh an inspiration!!!


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