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I spent the entire work day in a meeting today that was all about numbers, numbers and more numbers. I filled a dozen pages in my little Moleskine sketchbook with drawings of people looking bored. They fed us a nice lunch and it was good to meet some of my work colleagues from other offices. The meeting was supposed to end at 3:00 but somehow the guy leading the meeting missed that memo.

At 3:20 he handed out a 50 page Federal RFP (Request for proposal) and said it would be a fun little “activity” for us to read through it and decide whether there was anything in the RFP that would make us think we would or would not want to submit a proposal. This was just an exercise–it wasn’t a current RFP–just practice. This was after we’d studied 16 pages of budget reports looking for errors, with the error finders winning $5 worth of Carl’s Junior gift certificates (woo-hoo!). We could win more trips to Carl Juniors for playing this little game.

None of us in the meeting are really numbers people and we were tired and grouchy and wanted to leave. The other people at my table revolted. One woman whispered, “They don’t pay me enough to do this!” and the other replied, “This isn’t in my job description.” We all just sat there belligerently.

The meeting leader looked over at our table and asked why were weren’t reading and I blurted out “We don’t want to, it’s too much!” (So very professional of me.) That gave another table courage to tell him we were supposed to have ended the meeting 20 minutes ago. He said that explained why half the room had already left and he ended the meeting. Unfortunately my boss and I still had an after-meeting meeting with him and his boss.

Finally we got to leave and since I was in downtown San Francisco for the first time in ages, I decided to go to Nordstrom and buy a little new makeup. Mine was so old that it was probably carrying botulism (actually that might not be so bad–isn’t that what they make Botox from?). Hopefully I’ll be able to convince myself to take the time to actually put on the new makeup. I figure I owe it to the people who have to look at me!

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I HATE MEETINGS LIKE THAT!!! AND RFPs — the bane of my life and what I”m expected to respond to — I call them creative writing challenges!!

SUPER JOB on the people, though, Jana … one day I hope the people I sketch look 1/4 as real and as well expressed!!

Make-up? NEVER! LOL Glad you spoke up, my friend — sometimes we are all waiting for one brave soul to point out that the king is naked!


Oh am I glad I am not in this world anymore! I so related to your comments I was on the floor laughing. I have a sketchbook full of these kind of meetings and I shudder if I look at them.


What a hoot, wonderful sketches and I am glad I dont have to endure that. I used to go to sleep at the dinner talbe when John was Mayor and the speeches went on for too long. Dont think any one got the message tho.
Thanks for the comments on my blog. I love looking at yours.


Way to use your lengthy, boring meeting to your advantage, Jana! Getting a chance to sketch the people gives it back some value and purpose.

Btw, I enjoy these postings that reflect your day and the little things that go on. Somehow I feel that when I do that on my blog, I’m boring folks. You do a good job of incorporating your art into your everyday.


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