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It’s About Time: What I learned today

Old Teeth

“Old Teeth” (study for a large painting I’m going to make, drawn today from a combination of photos I took on Broadway in Oakland). Ink, watercolor in Moleskine large watercolor notebook. If you wonder why those hip-hop people want to have gold teeth, you might also enjoy a previous post here about a new invention I came up with in a dream for those baggy-pants boys.

 * * *

I spend a lot of time being frustrated because there isn’t enough time to do all of the things I want to do. Every weekend I start off being optimistic, with exciting ideas to explore for painting, drawing, teaching, learning; things that need to be done to care for myself and others; gardening projects, housework, paperwork, etc. But weekends (and most days) always end the same way: feeling disappointed because I didn’t accomplish half of what I thought I could do.

They say (whoever “they” is) that with age comes wisdom. Well I got a huge chunk of wisdom today, and this is what I learned:

There will NEVER be enough time to do everything. Not only that, there will never be enough time to do HALF of what my busy mind comes up with on any given day, week, month, year.

So all I have to do is accept the reality that time is finite and that my little brain, full of ideas, is not. Instead of fooling myself into thinking I can do it all, I need to reassure myself that I probably can’t do half of it, and just pick what I most want to do that day, do it, and rejoice.

When I told Michael about this discovery, he asked if that meant I’d no longer be living in what we call “Jana’s World” where time is this fluffy substance that is mostly ignored until it suddenly surprises me to discover I’m late, yet again. But I like living in Jana’s World and I’m not looking to relocate; it’s (Jana’s) World peace I’m after.

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AMEN SISTAH!! I AM SO IN TUNE WITH WHAT YOU’RE SAYING!!! Where does the time fly to!???? LOVE the sketch — so funny — and sad at the same time! My problem, Jana, is that I don’t want to have to CHOOSE what I want most to do — I want it all! and so I squeeze every second out of the day until exhaustion takes over — not such a great way to live — but the decisions???!!! YIKEs!

I don’t think I’m close to figuring it out either …and that peace you want? Me too! But my way …!! LOL


Glad to hear you aren’t planning on leaving Jana,s World. Gawd! you think like me! I figured the same thing out awhile back but still get caught up in “where the hell did the time go, I was going to get X,Y and Z done”. Most of the time I can leave myself alone and pick the things I enjoy doing instead of the “must do’s” (list created by some vauge superwoman) that nobody else besides me seems to even notice. I have discovered that when I was younger and the kids were still home, I seemed to get a lot more done, but then I wasn’t blogging or drawing.


What I learnt today? exactly what you did, but as I am considerably older, I enjoy also the time to sit in the sun and enjoy what is around me, instead of racing off and not getting it all done. If it doesnt get done today, well surely it will get done tomorrow. (I hope!)


Bravo!! One thing that would add is that in the total scheme of things there is no “Time”:). Time is some invention by someone who wanted all of us to feel frustration about what wasn’t done yet vs. enjoying just being here. Just one man’s opinion.


What a fun sketch!! And profound words!! I figure I have to live to be 300 to get all the things done that I want to. And yet, I do enjoy wasting time watching nature or reading a book. Everyday has an exciting new adventure waiting and we don’t ever have to look for it-it just drops in on us.

Jana’s world sounds perfect.


Great drawing as usual!
I can so relate to that time thing. Even if I have enough time to do what I want – if I do one thing, I’m frustrated because I’m already thinking what other things I’d like to do. Maybe my problem is more one of concentration … Thanks for making me think about that!


Alas, there’s never enough time to do all we want … unless someone has low curiosity and low energy, and that doesn’t describe most of the folks I know. In fact, the more in love you are with life, the more things there are to intrigue. So count that feeling overloaded as a blessing – it means you’re living life in a cup running over. Better than the alternative, right?

Good luck with your large painting – you’re off to a good start.


Catching up on your posts aftre the past few days. You are so prolific, Jana — both with the written word and the pen/brush! You are obviously a blogger to the core. I love this quirky little cartoon and too funny about the botulism (above)!


Wonderful montage! And true food for thought.

One thought that strikes me is: what is up with all the gold teeth places cropping up! I don’t see too many people with said gold teeth around my hood, yet we have 2 “salons d’tooth” just around the block from me? It’s a mystery.


Is this the section of Oakland where there are a lot of wig and hat shops? I love the downtown streets, sad as some of them can be at times. I hope you write more about painting this large piece — it looks and sounds amazing. best, BL


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