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Streetlights (Everyday Matters #81)


Ink & watercolor in 9×12 Aquabee Sketchbook (Lamy Safari pen, Noodlers Ink).

Last week’s Everyday Matters challenge was to draw streetlights. The one on the left is on the corner of Carlson by Nation’s Burgers in El Cerrito. I spotted the middle one while taking a lunch-break walk along Lake Merritt in Oakland. The lamp on the right is on the Albany end of Solano Ave.

I drew the one below in my little Moleskine sketchbook with a Micron Pigma this morning while I was on the elevated platform at the BART station waiting for the train. It was right at eye level.


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JANA!! These are STUNNING!!! HOLY MOLY! The colors! The Lines! The form! I LOVE THEm!!! So individual, so different – charming charming charming lights – but your rendering is so warm and inviting and delicious!!!! I LOVE the fine line detailing work …shading — all of it !!! FANTASTIC JOB! BTW, do I see a ‘face’ in the green lamp??

I hope you get some sleep, cara … my cat, when she was alive, used to keep me up nights just cuddling … her whiskers would tickle my nose and I would awake and not get back to sleep for hours.

Your book sounds very interesting!!!


I watched “Streetlights (Everyday Matters #81)”.
It is a very wonderful picture.

Now I understand “Everyday Matters”.
It is interesting.
I become the member of it, and want to
participate. Please teach the participation method.


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