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Illustration Friday: RAIN

Frogs wc
Drawn in ink and painted in watercolor.

Tree Frogs PS
Drawn in ink; scanned/colored in Photoshop.

When I was in Hawaii (Kauai–the wettest place on earth) many years ago, it was raining tiny tree frogs as I walked under a tree. I thought RAIN was a strange topic for June until I remembered that even though it almost never rains in the summer in California, it does everywhere else.

I tried coloring in the line drawing with Photoshop (first time I tried that) and with watercolor. Which do you like better?

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Very nice interpretation of the theme! I like both the versions of the drawing, though for different reasons:

The Photoshop one seems to be “cleaner” overall, at the same time “safer” as you can undo anything you don’t like! The watercolour one has more life to it, as the colours seem brighter and more strong.

Perhaps if you saturate/boost the contrast in the Photoshop version, both versions would look almost alike.


I’m a Photoshop fan, myself, but I have to admit that the watercolor looks better. Not just for the saturated colors, because you could get that in PS also, but for the randomness of the way the paint reacts and mixes with water, paper, and color.

“Raining tree frogs” is a cute idea!


This is a sweet illo! It’s such a great idea…we get all kinds of little frog all over the place when it’s been raining a lot. I actually like the watercolor version best…the colors are richer and wetter looking. Both are great, though:>


Thanks for the comment on my blog. You’re right, great minds think alike! I love the way you’ve made your lil frogs so animated and adorable! I too prefer the watercoloured version for its colours… and I must say i’m amazed you had the discipline to try out TWO mediums! Well done! =)


That is such a cute idea! I like the watercolor one the best.
I’ve heard tree frogs but have not actually seen one. What a fun experience walking under raining tree frogs.


this looks wonderful, such energy and life, this works really well, and i have to side with overwhelming majority, the watercolor looks the best


The frogs are soooo cute–have you ever sent any of your things to card companies or publishers???? They really are good enough, better than some I,ve seen. Just a thhought .


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