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Jupiter Pub: Tuesday Night Sketching

Jupiter Pub, Pitt Artist Brush pen & watercolor
Jupiter Pub Sketch #2 with little boy, ink & watercolor

Last week we met up at Jupiter Beer Pub for sketching, pizza and beer on their outdoor patio. It turns out to have been the last warm night of the year and the place was packed. It was quite dark where we were sitting at the beginning of the evening, the last  table way at the back of the courtyard (at top of sketch above) so my Pitt Artist’s Brush Pen with a thicker line made it easier to see what I was drawing (barely) than my fountain pen and I added the watercolor at home.

Jupiter, Ink & watercolor
Jupiter sketch #1, Ink & watercolor

As it got later and the crowd thinned out we were able to move to the main area of the patio where I sat in a wonderful Adirondack chair and sketched the courtyard where we’d started the evening (sketch #1 at top).