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Tilden Park Trail: A perfect day for a hike

Tilden Trail, Oil on canvas, 9x12" (click images to enlarge)
Tilden Trail, Oil on canvas, 9x12

Last Sunday it was a perfect day for hiking in beautiful Tilden Park in the East Bay hills above Berkeley with my best friend Barbara. When we came upon this scene I had to stop and take photos to use as reference for a painting, along with my memories of how the scene felt to me.

Late that night instead of going to bed I gave myself one hour to block in the basic shapes and get the painting started:

First draft of Tilden Trail painting
First draft of Tilden Trail painting

For a variety of reasons it was a whole week before I could get back to the painting. After spending thisĀ  afternoon and evening with the painting I think it’s finished (or nearly so). I really tried not to lose the things I liked in the first “draft” and for once (I hope) I stopped before it got overworked.

This is the first oil painting I’ve done that I’ve been happy with from beginning to end. I know I still have a long way to go with learning (which is good since learning is my favorite thing), but I’m happy that all the studying and practicing I’ve done is beginning to allow me to get an image on canvas that I can see in my mind and feel in my heart, like this one.