Freesias from Brigitte, oil on panel, 8x8"

Freesias from Brigitte, oil on panel, 8×8″

This was a quick little painting from life that happened spontaneously one afternoon when my tenant came out to my studio and presented me with some freesias in a vitamin bottle.

It might have been a more interesting painting if I’d a) included the lettering on the bottle and b) taken time to do a preliminary thumbnail sketch so that the flowers weren’t almost touching the top of the panel. I was interested in looking at white in shadow and gray in light and shadow and the colors found in both from the warmish light and flower reflections.

Fresia photo reference

Photo of set up (slightly different perspective and light)

Flower Art, Oil Painting, Still Life
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  1. Very pretty!! The greens and the flowers are perfect!!! But I keep trying to identify the bottle! The amount of solid white is distracting. Maybe more colour in the shadows on the bottle? Thank you so much for sharing!!

    My paintings get kindly critiqued by my hubby!! And by the sun!! The other day, the sun shone through a ruby glass dish onto a painting that had been lacking something…a focal point?? The now red (from the dish) sunlight hit the painting just so, so that there was a beautiful high setting sun for the focal point. Am going to paint it in. Here’s hoping!!

    God bless, C-Marie


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