Winter Begonias in Tin Pot, Oil on Linen Panel, 10x8"

Winter Begonias in Tin Pot, Oil on Linen Panel, 10×8″ (Click image for purchase info)

It was time to face something more cheerful than my own face in the studio. This pretty pot of begonias was just what I needed. I worked on them a bit at a time, between visits to my mother in hospice.  My mom passed away very peacefully last week, in no pain and with family at her side. She taught me many things in life; her final and maybe most important lesson was how to let go and fearlessly accept this final passage with grace (and the help of amazing hospice nurses).

This painting is available on DailyPaintworks. Below are the steps in the progress of the painting.

Flower Art, Oil Painting, Plants, Still Life
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  1. beautiful and so thrilling in this winter weather

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  2. You really captured that begonia plant! It is cheering and springlike.
    I’m sorry about your mother but what a good lesson to learn from her.


  3. Jana please accept my sympathy on the passing of your dear Mother. May she rest in peace.

    Your painting of Winter Begonias is beautiful. I love the way you have captured the light and shade. And your colour of pink is …. perfect. Well done!


  4. First, can I say how sorry I am to hear of the death of your mother, I am so glad it was a gentle time. The begonias are so beautiful, you have captured light.


  5. Hi Jana – this is just beautiful! Always enjoy seeing your work. Hope all is well.  Best, Jeannie

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  6. Beautiful. Thank for sharing.


  7. Jana,
    Lovely work!

    I dream of a life like Tarzan’s, at the Equator, so the appreciation of Spring, for me, is a benign custom, a wave of the hand. [giggle] No, I love Spring! The begonias are beautiful!

    Life is about transition. When we need groceries, we ‘transition’ (via our feet or a vehicle of some sort) from the comforts of home to the often bustling grocery store. Those people don’t disturb the peace of our living room, and are therefore easy to tolerate for a short time. Then, we return to the peace of our quiet and familiar home. We always return home.

    While we cannot see beyond that to which we refer as “living”, we MUST trust that, for those who transition beyond “living”, there is a similar and familiar, home-like place of rest & regrouping before the next set of tasks are put on their shoulders. As one who has been pondering the possibility of reincarnation for years, I find it slightly more palpable to prepare for any transition knowing that, while in this realm of “the living”, I have always retained my ability to cope, regroup, reconsider, and rejoin the flow in which I’ve found myself with each new leg of this journey. We must trust that this realm is merely an introduction into the flow of the Will of our Creator; it is as though He is telling us, “This is how I do things. Learn My methods well; for, they will NOT change, and knowing them will only benefit you in the future!”

    His Will, I believe, is not in all the wars & destruction in the world; but, in the unspoken, yet observable systems which are in place here. Universals.

    I would tell all those who have passed, “Forget about us mere mortals! Go! Live the next phase of your existence well!”

    In the movie, “Australia”, the practice was mentioned wherein certain tribes believe that it is more respectful to never again utter a person’s name after their death. They are mourned, yes; but, their name becomes sacred, unspoken.

    (but, this is YOUR blog, not mine)

    The painting is awesome!
    Take a break, Jana; you deserve it!


  8. Jana, I send wishes of condolence. It must be a comfort to know that you had those last days with your mother and that she died in peace and comfort. My husband died in a wonderful hospice center and there is nothing I respect or value more than the work done by hospice.
    Your painting is beautiful and I appreciate your generous sharing of the steps you went through.


  9. Dear Jana, I’m so sorry to hear of you mother’s passing. Your beautifully painting is a lovely tribute to your mother. I really appreciate the detail work and beautiful colors in the leaves of your painted begonia. I also love the lavender grays in the tin pot. Such a lovely painting to bring in Spring.


  10. really amazed to see your creation..really a master piece it is



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