Sketch of Louis Squires and his whippet from Sktchy app, ink and watercolor, 9x12"

Sketch of Louis Squires listening with his whippet; drawn from his photo on the Sktchy app, ink and watercolor, 9×12″

I love listening to podcasts with interviews of artists, especially painters, who talk about their process and practice, their lives, studios, challenges and successes. In the list below I share with you the ones I’ve discovered and what I like about them. Let me know which ones you like and if you know of any I’ve missed, please leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list.

“Gently Does It” is hosted by John Dalton (on iTunes and the podcast website). John Dalton is an Irish/Australian artist who interviews many great artists from around the world. He is a thoughtful, intelligent and humble interviewer who really listens and digs a little deeper to get interesting answers. I recently discovered this podcast and it’s already a favorite, with nearly 50 artist interviews already recorded over the past few years and still going strong.

“Savvy Painter Podcast” is on iTunes and on the Savvy Painter website. It is hosted by Antrese Wood, a California artist who interviews a wide variety of interesting, successful contemporary artists. I like the way she listens carefully and stays engaged, probing deeper on topics that arise and sharing her own perspective as well. This often leads to fascinating and inspiring discussions about how top representational artists got their start and the habits that lead to their success.

“Suggested Donation Podcast” from New York is hosted by Tony Curanaj and Edward Minoff. It is available on iTunes and the Suggested Donation website. The podcast usually takes the form of in-person, New York City conversations between the hosts and their illustrious guests who often reflect on their experiences within the world of contemporary/classical realism and the growing atelier movement where the hosts and many of their guests studied and teach. They seek to “create a dialog through which we discover common ground across disciplines and spaces united by a love of and deep devotion to skill.”

“Artists Helping Artists (AHA)” is on iTunes and the AHA website and is hosted by art marketing maven and palette knife painter Leslie Saeta and her various co-hosts. She’s published nearly 300 weekly podcasts since 2010, with loads of artist interviews and programs on art marketing and using social media available. Many of my favorite contemporary painters have been interviewed on AHA, including Rose Frantzen and Peggi Kroll Roberts, as well as many top plein air and teaching artists in the USA. Leslie is a hard-working, multi-tasking woman who is kind of the “Martha Stewart” of art. She teaches art marketing and palette knife painting and has recently found success doing commissioned abstract paintings for interior decorators to hang over clients’ sofas and match their color schemes.

“The Studio by Daniel Grant” on iTunes and websiteDaniel Grant is an Austin, TX artist who studied with Jacob Collins at his Water Street Atelier and at the Grand Central Academy. He has interviewed many of the contemporary greats, including some of the podcast hosts/artists listed above. This podcast “is designed to paint a realistic picture of what it looks like today to have a career as a representational painter….and to discuss the ins and outs of having a successful career as an artist.”

“PleinAir Podcast” is on iTunes and on the Outdoor Painter website. It is hosted by Eric Rhoads, the publisher of Plein Air Magazine. He interviews contemporary masters in the world of Plein Air painting. Although the podcast is fairly new, Mr. Rhoads is no beginner in this role; he’s been in the broadcasting and art magazine industries for years and is a painter himself.

“Artists Anonymous” is a new podcast hosted by artist and gallery owner Tyler Murphy on iTunes and on his gallery’s website. The first interviewee is Daniel Keys, a talented and prolific protege of “Alla Prima” author and artist Richard Schmid. Despite the Podcast’s misguided name (in my opinion because it is impossible to find with a Google search—too many references to existing anonymous/12-step programs—and that the last thing artists want is to be anonymous!), the podcast shows promise. Tyler Murphy asked good questions and I enjoyed learning more about Daniel Keys’ background and growth as an artist.

“Artist Decoded by Yoshino” on iTunes and the podcast’s website features interviews with younger, emerging or lesser known (to me at least) artists and photographers whose work tends to be figurative but with an element of destruction or abstraction. Yoshino, a photographer, says the interviews are “an exploration of self and the perspectives of other artists…dedicated to breaking down the barriers we tend to set up in our own minds.” Sometimes the discussions wander into pop culture, music, and Yoshino’s interest in violent films, but even so are usually interesting.

“Creative Trek” on iTunes and podcast website is hosted by artist Sean O’Daniels. He has paused publishing new podcasts, but there is a good backlog of 47 recordings to listen to. He interviews fine artists and “creatives” from “the world of concept art, video game art,” and more. His goal is to “take you on a journey behind the minds of today’s top creative professionals and artists…to uncover the secrets of creativity, and discover true strategies you need to thrive in the marketplace.” His interviews are a little less polished and professional as some of the others listed above, but there is a genuine interest and warmth that shines through.

Not exactly a podcast, “Mark Carder’s Q&As” (on YouTube), are an ongoing series of Q&A sessions about his approach to oil painting that he teaches with free instructional videos on his website DrawMixPaint. Years ago I bought his course in a DVD and painted one of my favorite still life paintings ever using his methods. I enjoy listening to his talks, although they do refer very specifically to his methods and products.

“Stories Unbound” (iTunes) hosted by charming young illustrator Shawna JC Tenney focuses on children’s book illustrators and the world of “kid lit.” She’s interviewed some wonderful illustrators, cartoonists and art directors. Her podcast is hosted on the Oatley Academy website (which I feel has too many annoyingly blatant self-promotional pitches for Oatley’s school for wannabe digital artists) along with “Chris Oatley’s Artcast” (iTunes) which he says contains “artistic insight and career advice from the most inspiring voices in animation, games, vfx, comics and new media.”

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  3. Thanks for the list Jana. If I can find the time I will definitely listen to several of these.

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  4. This is an AWESOME list! Thank you very much for sharing it with us!


  5. I never quite “got” podcasts – guess being on android not iphone has been part of the problem.

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