Wedding Bouquet (Fixed), oil on panel, 10x8"

Wedding Bouquet (Fixed), oil on panel, 10×8″

Thank you to everyone who responded to my previous post and offered feedback about whether to try to fix the right-hand rose that was bugging me. I figured if everyone said leave it I would, but if others saw the problem too, I’d try again to fix it. They did, so I did, and now I can look at it without feeling frustrated.

To solve the problems with the rose, I turned the photo and the painting upside down and could immediately see I had the shape wrong. Then I converted the photo to gray-scale to check values. I reshaped and repainted the rose using grayed-down, paler colors. I touched up a few other spots in the painting (back top right flowers, some leaves and small changes to both left roses). I added a black border to simulate how it will be framed.

Now I think the focal point (the middle rose) stands out, and the minor right rose recedes. FYI, the reason these roses don’t look that rose-like is because although I started working from life, I could quickly see that the flowers were about to completely fall apart (it was several days after the wedding) so I took a photo of the almost over roses.

Below Left (AFTER): fixed final painting; Below Right (BEFORE): before adjustments and fixes.

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  1. Well done!


  2. Hey, Jana,

    I put this on my Face Book page, earlier, when you posted it. If you post it, again, I’ll share it, again
    on my Timeline. It gets lovelier and lovelier..


  3. Exquisite! I do like the change.


  4. 🙂 I like it both ways! But it’s important that YOU’re happy with it!
    Have a very HAPPY day 🙂


  5. You did it! I didn’t think it needed messing with but I see the improvement. What a brilliant way to get a more objective look at your painting, turning it and the photo upside down! I’m going to remember that trick!


  6. Nice… yes the touched up one looks better..good job. Its funny how something seems to bug at you when you know it’s not quite right.


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