EDiM 19-20: Dog Rope and Grandma's Pickle Fork, ink and watercolor, 7x5 in

EDiM 19-20: Dog Rope and Grandma’s Pickle Fork, ink and watercolor, 7×5 in

My dog’s favorite pull toy: a knotted rope for EDiM 19. The packaging asserts it’s good for their teeth, acts like dental floss. I don’t think that makes much sense, but at least it is one toy she hasn’t been able to shred, turn inside out and/or unstuff.

I think this little plastic fork for EDiM 20 was one that my grandmother used when putting out her fabulous dill pickles. It probably was a copy of a more elegant model originally made of ivory. It’s about the length of a dill pickle.

EDiM 21: Closeups, ink and watercolor, 7x5 in

EDiM 21: Closeups, ink and watercolor, 7×5 in

These close-up views of things for EDiM 21 are probably pretty easy to figure out: clockwise, a petal and leaf from a hydrangea, a spray bottle, an old pencil sharpener from the days when office products were all IBM beige, and a pliers from my toolbox.

Ink and watercolor wash, Sketchbook Pages
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  1. Jana, these EDiM drawings & sketches are inspirational. I especially like the shells & the silver-plated teapot — the fused colors convey an interesting texture & hint at the former sheen. You made it look easy but I know it is not!


  2. Degas is not a fan of her rope tug, she’s had it a year now, but it is slowly unravelling. Love how you have drawn Millie’s.


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