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Stuff Millie Picked Up and Carried Home on Dog Walks

Stuff Millie Carried Home From Walks, ink and watercolor 5x7.5 in
Stuff Millie Carried Home From Dog Walks, ink and watercolor 5×7.5 in

When Millie and I go out for walks she takes in the world around us with all her senses and when she finds something interesting, carries it home with her. In the sketch above are some of her more attractive treasures. Not pictured above are the various pieces of plastic, the advertising flyers for gardeners or maids stuffed in a baggie with a rock, and the many sticks and branches she’s carried home (the latter to chew and shred to mulch).

She walks with her nose to the ground for scents; ears perked for the sounds of gophers underground or dogs nearby or birds in the trees; eyes scanning for squirrels; and always looking for things to pick up and carry (or eat…ick!) during our walks.

One of the first things I had to teach her was “Leave it!” and “Drop It!” since so much of what’s on the ground in the city is nasty. She’s pretty good about dropping things, especially when she knows I’m carrying treats to swap with her for the yucky thing.

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ha ha ha. Degas drops then picks them up again. HUGE sticks are her favourite bring back things but I think the pidgeon (luckily still alive) was the thing she wanted to keep the most.

I may steal this idea of drawing material as it’s a great subject and beautiful drawn by you.


That would definitely be fun to see Degas’ finds, destructed bits and favorite chews as sketched by you, too!

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These are great Jana. My dog now doesn’t pick up too much stuff from the ground but my old dog…There were times I’d have to wrestle with her to get her mouth open and get whatever disgusting thing was in there out. Loved all the stuff Millies taken home. The shoe made me laugh.


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