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Valentine Carnation and Buzz Ballz Booze Beverage

Valentine Carnation, ink and watercolor sketch, 7.5 x 5.5 in
Valentine Carnation, ink and watercolor, 7.5 x 5.5 in

Do you think people born around holidays grow up to reflect the qualities of that holiday? My friend Judith was born the day before Valentine’s Day and she’s extra sweet. I took her out for a birthday breakfast this morning.

Our waitress must have had a bad day (trying to be generous here). The other waitresses all gave long stem red carnations to their customers. We had to beg for a coffee refill and she didn’t give us flowers.

I started to drive away after we’d said goodbye but felt sad not to have a flower to take home and draw. So I parked again, went back into the restaurant and asked for a flower. And here it is.

Valentine Carnation and BuzzBallz, ink and watercolor 7.5 by 11 in spread in sketchbook
Valentine Carnation and BuzzBallz, ink and watercolor 7.5 by 11 in spread in sketchbook

The other thing on this page is a round plastic “bottle” with pop-top that I found in the street. The product name and contents are equally disgusting: a cocktail of vodka, apple liquor and apple juice called Buzz Ballz. Really? Who is this being marketed to? (And yes, I washed my hands and the container before painting it.)

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Thank you again for my lovely birthday breakfast and the kind thought; love that you went back and got what you wanted and deserved! What a juxtaposition – a lovely rendering of a flower next to that weird drink concoction. – Love, Judith.


Hi Jana, I think your comment about people born around the holidays take on those attributes is very interesting. I wonder if that means I’m messianic? Hahaha. We all know the answer to that is no.

I’m sorry we are having so much snow and you are having a drought. I wish there was a way we could send all of our snow your way. We would love to get rid of some and I know you could use the moisture.

Your Valentine’s Day carnation is a beauty even if your waitress was not. And the Buzz Ballz Booze Beverage sounds gross, although I do like your sketch of it. I’m sure it’s being marketed to kids. Who else would drink that stuff? It sounds awful.


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