John Muir Home and Orchard, ink, watercolor & gouache, 8x10"

John Muir Home and Orchard, ink, watercolor & gouache, 8×10″

After I filled the jumbo Moleskine watercolor journal I discovered I forgot to post several pages. From March! So here are a few of those sketches from early spring. Above and below are the John Muir home, with a bit of the fruit tree orchards and redwoods on the property. I sketched and painted these on site, with a little gouache added to the fruit tree blossoms at home.

John Muir Landscape, ink, watercolor & gouache, 10x8"

John Muir Landscape, ink, watercolor & gouache, 10×8″

Spring at Blake Gardens, watercolor, 10x8"

Spring at Blake Gardens, watercolor, 10×8″

Above is another spring sketch, painted directly with watercolor, of  magnolia trees and the pretty little flowers planted around the tree.

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  1. Love the first piece!


  2. Jana I love your painting of John Muir’s home. I’m a big fan of JM, read his biography, he was a fascinating man. What you call a magnolia tree, we call a tulip tree. It is a beautiful springy painting! Was this plein air? You captured the feel of spring time!


    • Thanks! I always called them tulip trees too–the flowers really look like giant tulips. But they are actually magnolias, *Magnolia liliiflora*, though according to Wikipedia they have many other names too: *Mulan magnolia*, *Purple magnolia*, *Red magnolia*, *Lily magnolia*, *Tulip magnolia*, *Jane magnolia* and *Woody-orchid.

      * I’d like to read JM’s biography too–I’ll have to look it up. My son has been hiking the John Muir trail, 20-25 miles a day, a couple weeks a year for several years now and still hasn’t covered it all. * * Jana


  3. They are lovely. I’m glad you shared them.


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