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Sunflowers on Blue (Updated) and New York City Trip

Sunflowers on Blue, oil on linen panel, 10x8"
Sunflowers on Blue, oil on linen panel, 10×8″

(UPDATED with better photo and New York news!). It’s summer so it’s sunflower time again. This is yet another attempt (but not the last) at understanding these flowers. I got behind on posting oil paintings while I was doing the Every Day in May sketch challenge so I have a bunch to share. I’ve also gotten behind on posting in general, while planning my trip to New York in September.

I fell down the rabbit hole on AirBnB, looking for apartments to rent for the week I’ll be there. People offer their own apartments for rent while they travel or stay with their girlfriend/boyfriend or have more than one apartment in the city.  It’s fun peeking into the tiny closets that people have as their homes in New York. But it’s also a little frustrating. Some don’t know their schedules yet for September while available places get snapped up quickly.

UPDATE: The good news is that I found the perfect place, a beautiful Upper West Side garden apartment. If you’ll be in New York between 9/25 and 9/30 and want to get together for sketching or museum fun please let me know!

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Ha ha. I just this minute wrote to Shirley to see if you were The One We Were Talking About earlier today. Guess so. I saw a pic of the apartment and it looks so comfy. The location is great. We’ve even sorta planned some sketching occasions. Small world. I follow your blog and you come to NYC.


I wanted to see what your digital art was all about so I followed your link to your web page. Great drawings. I didn’t know that you could create wash-like color digitally. Guess I should have assumed that anything is possible now with technology.
Thanks for the tour-


Digital art is fun but it means spending more time on the computer or with technology instead of with pen, pencil, paint, paper. I tend to prefer the latter, but there is that wonderful “undo” feature with the digital art. Jana


How cool! I love your wonderful digital sketches and have appreciated your leaving comments in the past. I’ve tried digital drawing and liked it but wasn’t willing to spend the time to master it. You certainly have, with great zest!

I’m so excited to be meeting you and sketching with you guys! I’m delighted to hear you’re making some plans for going out sketching. Can’t wait!!! Shirley was so helpful with vetting the apartments. This one definitely looks like it will be a nice retreat. I’m not that familiar with this part of town, having lived in the village and East Village when I moved to NYC as a wide-eyed, barefoot, California surfer girl in the late 60s. (The barefoot part lasted less than one day, as you can imagine!) I left to come back to California to go to college but always imagined I’d live there in the future. Didn’t turn out that way, but at least I get to come visit.

Did you know your blog doesn’t have a sign up by email option and they’re easy to add on WordPress? I like to sign up that way to follow blogs so that the posts just come to my email.

Off to my birthday dinner with my sons… thanks again!!! Jana

Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,


Jana, I really like your sunflower picture. The detail of the flowers, the lighting, the choice of background all show that you put considerable thought to the project.


Yay! Love your sunflowers and am glad to hear you are coming to NYC!!!! I’m pretty sure I’ll be here during those dates so we should meet up. And Happy Birthday belatedly.


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