Sunflowers on Blue, oil on linen panel, 10x8"

Sunflowers on Blue, oil on linen panel, 10×8″

(UPDATED with better photo!). It’s summer so it’s sunflower time again. This is yet another attempt (but not the last) at understanding these flowers. I got behind on posting oil paintings while I was doing the Every Day in May sketch challenge so I have a bunch to share. I’ve also gotten behind on posting in general, while planning my trip to New York in September.

I fell down the rabbit hole on AirBnB, looking for apartments to rent for the week I’ll be there. People offer their own apartments for rent while they travel or stay with their girlfriend/boyfriend or have more than one apartment in the city.  It’s fun peeking into the tiny closets that people have as their homes in New York. But it’s also a little frustrating. Some don’t know their schedules yet for September while available places get snapped up quickly.

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  1. Lovely painting. The colours are perfect.
    I’m about to do some Air BnB-ing myself next week, in York, England. My first time, so I hope it goes well

    • I put it online last night and this morning the colors looked all wrong so I redid the photoshop work and reposted it. Hopefully they look even more perfect now. Good luck with airbnb. It took me a while to figure it out. If you need any tips let me know. Jana

  2. Just gorgeous! Here in the Pacific Northwest our sunflowers are not open yet, so this is a special treat.

    • Thanks Susan! These came from Trader Joes, not my garden so who knows where they were actually blooming originally. I’ve seem some growing around here but they’re still little teeny ones. I want to plant a couple myself but it might be too late. I had a hard time with getting the photo of the painting right in photoshop last night so redid it and reposted it today. HOpefully it looks better now. Jana

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  3. Wow Jana, this is incredibly beautiful and so lifelike! This is one of your best sunflower paintings so far.

    • Thanks Cynthia! Did you see the first version or the updated one? I had a hard time getting the photo right in photoshop last night so redid it this morning and reposted it. I think it looks better and more like the painting.

      Sketchblog: Website: UrbanSketchers-BayArea,

  4. Great painting!!! Good luck planning your trip….you can live in a little closet for a week! It’ll make you so glad to get home!

    • Actually the apartment I got is really nice, not such a closet and I may never want to return home now! It even has a little backyard garden which is amazing for new york. I updated the post with a better photo of the painting and the fact that I scored a cool pad (trying to sound like NYC hipster…is it working?) Jana

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