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My Junkyard Garden

Old Car Parts in the Spring Garden, ink & watercolor 8x11"
Old Car Parts in the Spring Garden, ink & watercolor 8×11″

I inherited a bunch of rusty old car parts when I converted the garage (formerly used by my son to restore a 1970 muscle car) into my studio. I thought they were interesting looking “sculptures” and stuck them in my garden, planning to draw them.

It took me a year to get around to it but I finally spent a fun morning sketching them amidst sprouting irises. When I finished, I gave most of them to the my gardener who also collects scrap metal for recycling. I kept the two most interesting pieces as possible oil painting still life subjects in the future.

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One year of consistency,, great work ,, reminded me of my school text books and my day ddd…r…e…a..m..i..n..g…!!!

Thank you very much ,,,, Love your work,,
🙂 lots of smiless in the morning…



What fun!
I was 5 posts behind when I arrived here today. Love the Earth Day and Mexican bus paintings … oh and the plant An…. (forgotten it’s long name)… and of course your scrap-metal gardening 😀


Thanks Sue. I’m sooooo behind on responding to comments it’s almost hopeless. It seems like there’s time to paint and sketch or post and comment but never all four. Doing the art has to come first! I admire your ability to all of the above and work and raise a pup! Jana

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