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I’m Not Number One, I’m 2 Million! plus 1 More Crab Apple

Crab Apple Blossoms with colored pencil sketch on tan paper
Crab Apple Blossoms colored pencil on tan paper in 8×11″ Moleskine Journal

Once more with the crab apple blossoms, this time on tan paper using mostly a Prismacolor black grape colored pencil and white pencil (and then pasted in my giant Moleskine).

I sketched these before I did the oil paintings posted previously below. I wanted to try the approach of sketching with only three values: the tan paper as mid-range plus highlights and shadows. But I wasn’t seeing a lot of variation in value in the subject. Everything except for the whitish pink blossoms looked like a medium dark value. So what I was trying to do didn’t really make sense. But it was fun anyway.

The Visitor 2 Million Prize on Making a Mark

Katherine Tyrrell credited me with being or generating the 2,000,000 millionth visitor to Making A Mark, my favorite blog about art on the web. We were both down with a nasty flu bug then so she missed seeing the counter tick over to 2 million. But she could tell it was either me (reading her blog from bed with box of tissues in hand) or someone referred from my blog, so she named me the prize winner. Her blog is such a gift to the artist/blogger community. I learn something new every time I read her weekly “Who’s Made A Mark” column.

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Pretty branch beauties, and Congratulations, Jana!! And, thank-you so much for the link to Making A Mark. What a wonderful site. Blessings always, C-Marie


Your blog entries always make me smile. Nice sketching. The values work is something I find so helpful. I have been out of touch for a while as I am knee deep into a construction project on the cape. Hope to return soon to WordPress & painting.


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