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Lost Dreams and the Kitchen Sink

Dreamt I Lost My Keys So I Drew Them. Ink & watercolor, 5x8"
Dreamt I Lost My Keys So I Drew Them. Ink & watercolor, 5×8″

Sometimes I have the stupidest dreams. It’s unlikely I would actually lose my keys since I always put them in the same place. I do this because, like Winnie the Pooh, I’m “a bear of very little brain.” Although I haven’t lost anything* in a long time, I used to lose everything. My parents always said, “If your head wasn’t attached you’d lose that too!” I may not have a good memory but now I am organized about where I keep things.

The View From My Kitchen Sink, ink & watercolor, 5x8"
The View From My Kitchen Sink, ink & watercolor, 5×8″

I did this sketch at the end of January after a month of not drawing while focusing on year-end organizing, learning a new computer, creating spreadsheets and doing taxes. The sketch is crazy wonky but it felt good to get back to drawing, even if it was just the kitchen sink, and the view out my window of my bottle brush tree, lemon tree, little purple potato tree and my neighbor’s house.

*(oops…not true…I keep losing my metal water bottles because they fall out of the too-shallow pockets on my backpack. I use a carabiner to keep the bottle attached now, but I’m going to replace the old bag with one with deeper water-bottle pockets. No point in using something that is so inefficient.)

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Thanks for the very reassuring drawings of homey everyday parts of your world. They are very meaningful to me reminding me of my favorite views and items that are important to me also like keys and bottlebrush shrubs.


I love your wonky drawings. They are full of energy and delight. You taught me two new things though — the word carabiner, which I had to look up and is one of those clippy thinga-majigs that I use all the time. The other is that there’s such a thing as a potato tree. Which looks quite lovely on the google images. Will wonders never cease? I use a carabine to clip my keys to my purse in the same place every time after I use them. Else they would slip into the void with so many many of my other things. Thanks for the great post!


Thanks Joy. I had the opposite problem. I’d heard the word carabiner many times but didn’t know what it was. I was happy when I learned my clippie thing was what a carabiner was. Sometimes the potato tree is called a potato vine also. My neighbor has one and he’s done a cute kind of French Poodle cut on it–lots of cute little leafy balls. Jana


There is so much delightful movement in your pen & ink drawings. I love the swirl of the keys hanging on the keyring and the way you capture the light on the chrome of the sink faucet. Wonderful as always!


What a pretty view out of your window.

We are similar, I heard that all the time as a kid… I’m also organised to the point of obsession now, down to parking in the same place at the supermarket, so I don’t lose the car


That’s so funny you mentioned that about parking. I do the same thing…I’ll even wait in that row if it’s full until someone pulls out (in the giant parking lots like at Costco). In big parking garages I take photos of my car and its surroundings to leave a trail of “breadcrumbs” in case I can’t find it.


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