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Brennan’s Bar Backsides and Balding

Brennan's Bar Backsides, ink & watercolor, 6x8"
Brennan’s Bar Backsides, ink & watercolor, 6×8″

The nice thing about sketching in bars, especially one that is also a cafeteria a frequented by an older crowd on a quiet Tuesday night, is that people tend to sit still long enough to draw them.

Balding at Brennan's Bar: trying and trying to capture him. Ink, 6x8
Balding at Brennan’s Bar: trying and trying to capture him. Ink, 6×8

I kept trying to capture this guy who sat a few tables away eating his dinner and reading but never really got him. My sketch buddy Micaela perfectly captured him, which you can see on our Urban Sketchers blog here.

I’m still playing catch up: these are from November. But now that things have settled down in my world, I intend to be caught up by the end of the month, including my 2012 year-end review and a whole week of sunflower paintings.

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