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Jingle Bells and Other Good Tidings

Jingle Bells, digital sketch done on iPad in ArtStudio app
Jingle Bells, digital sketch done on iPad in ArtStudio app

Happy Holidays to everyone! I made the digital sketch above in a new-to-me iPad app called ArtStudio. I’ve tried all the others and like this one the best. It has all the features of the other programs and more but just works more intuitively for me.

I did the nighttime digital sketch below in SketchbookPro, my previous favorite program. Several of us tried sketching in the dark on iPads on this sketch outing since it lights from within so you can see what you’re drawing.

Tilden Carousel and Christmas Lights, sketched on iPad in Sketchbook Pro
Tilden Carousel and Christmas Lights, sketched on iPad in Sketchbook Pro

The carousel in Tilden Park is beautiful and they have a special Tilden Christmas Fantasy holiday lights and decorations event every year. But every time I try to sketch there I get overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds and have trouble sketching anything I like. My sketch buddies posted some great results: Cathy’s colorful merry-go-round here, Ceiny’s coverage of it all here, Cristina’s bold drawings here, and Micaela’s lifelike digital sketches here.

Photo of Tilden Christmas Fantasy
My photo of Tilden Christmas Fantasy

Not only is the giant tree and field in front of the carousel covered in lights and decorations, but the interior is filled with a hundred or so trees, animals and other items, all decorated with different themes (e.g. there was a Hello Kitty tree and a 49’ersย  tree). Plus all the historic carved animals on the Merry-go-Round and the kids riding them whirling around. And Santa and the Elves taking wishes. Plus the merry-go-round music and Christmas soundtrack music being played over loudspeakers, and the smell of popcorn and cocoa from the refreshment stand.

It’s no wonder I get overwhelmed and have trouble settling down when I draw in there! Outdoors I sat on my stool by the restrooms way across the parking lot. It was quiet there.

Best wishes for love, joy and peace (and hopefully a little art)!

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Thanks for sharing your good tidings and all the wonderful art you create. You made this year better and more beautiful for me. Happy, merry everything.


Wow! Thank you so much Katherine! I’m so thrilled and honored. I’ve posted links to Making a Mark on my Facebook pages and blog and will post a reminder as we get closer. I have no expectation of winning–the other work is exquisite and the painters so skilled and talented. But it’s an absolute joy to be in their company. I was glad to see Terry Muira in the landscape section. I too have long followed and admired his blog and just visited a show he had locally.

Thanks again, Jana


I think San Francisco, or at rate California, has won the prize for “the home of the most artists mentioned in the Making A Mark awards” in 2012! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m glad you’re pleased – I just loved the fact you’d painted the portrait of somebody who wasn’t your typical model for a portrait! Must have been a Dr Gachet moment…… ๐Ÿ™‚


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