Cup of Hydrangea, oil on panel, 6x6"

Cup of Hydrangea, oil on panel, 6x6"

I did this a few weeks ago when I needed to do a warm-up sketch in oils to get back in the flow after not using them for a while. I tried to work quickly and not go back over areas. I had fun and like the colors.

Flower Art, Oil Painting, Painting, Still Life

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  1. Nice – the mug looks opalescent (or is that pearlescent?) Something “escentially” pretty!

  2. Just lovely! Your colors sing and bring back memories of Summer when my own hydrangeas were in bloom….

    • Believe it or not mine are still blooming and didn’t even start until the end of the summer since it was such a cold one here. We finally started having summer weather here in late October and it continues, in between a few winter days. All the fruit trees are confused and putting out blossoms. Weird weather! Jana

  3. That mug is fantastic, Jana. Gorgeous color there, no wonder you like it.

    • Thanks Nel. Did you get my comment on your blog a while back about seeing your artwork featured in the ad in Artists Magazine? I love your current series of paintings of glowing maples. Glad to see your work is selling so well (though I think you should raise your prices!) Jana

  4. This is a wonderful painting! I agree with the other comments—your use of color is glorious and gives the mug an opalescent sort of look. What oils are you using now? At one point you were using water miscible oils but I haven’t kept up to see if that’s what you’re still using and recommending.

    • Hi Carol, I’m back to using regular oils now. I got frustrated with the water miscible oils and when I gave regular oils a try again I was blown away by how much more enjoyable they were. I try not to use too much solvent since my studio is in my house, but I’m in the process of remodeling my garage into a nice big studio where I won’t have to worry as much about them. I’m having fun with oils these days, after a period of feeling like I was hopeless with them because I was trying to paint like other people whose work I admire but who have a wide variety of techniques and styles. I finally figured out that while I don’t have the time to learn to paint like they do, I already know how to paint like I do, so why not just do that! Long answer for a short question….sorry bout that! Jana

  5. Wonderful! I love the reflective colors in the mug! So well done!

  6. It is just lovely! I love the handling of the colors and the composition. It is quite a poetic image.

    • Thank you very much. Poetic–what a nice thing to say. I visited your website and found your work to be quite poetic too, and lyrical and vibrant! Jana

  7. an inspiring painting JANA ,keep on oilm paintings its wonderful

  8. Fantastic! I love this!

  9. The colors are vibrant and alive. Lovely work.

  10. This is really pretty!

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