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Picante Sketches with Strange Lights

Picante Cocina Mexicana's Mask Lights, Ink & watercolor
Picante Cocina Mexicana's Mask Lights, Ink & watercolor

Last week the Urban Sketchers Flickr group had lighting as their theme so our Urban Sketchers group focused on lighting too. When I walked into Picante the first thing I noticed was the way the wall sconces shined up at wonderfully bizarre masks all around the room.

Picante Mask Lights, ink & watercolor
Picante Mask Lights, ink & watercolor

Along with the great masks, the ceiling is festooned with row after row of vibrantly colored hanging Mexican cut-paper art work.

Several different diners and children stopped at our table to complement our sketches. The children were particularly enthusiastic. And (as usual) everyone told us they can’t draw. And as usual we told them that anyone can draw if they just practice and that it doesn’t have to be good, just fun.

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I have to admit I did some pre-sketching with pencil on these. I was feeling rusty and the scene seemed complicated and I wanted to get down some basics first. I don’t usually do that, but I needed the help that night. Jana


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