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Capetown South Africa: Virtual Paintout

Table Mountain View, Cape Town. Oil on 5x7" panel.
Table Mountain View, Cape Town. Oil on 5x7" panel.

This month’s Virtual Paintout is in Cape Town, South Africa. What a beautiful country! I needed a project I could complete in an hour or two so I chose a simple scene and a small panel to paint on (5×7″).

But I think I spent as much time tooling around South Africa on Google Streetview than I did painting.  And tonight I had such a hard time getting the color right in the photo (the sky in the painting isn’t turquoise, it’s a warmer blue) that I’ve probably spent an equal amount of time trying to fix the photo and get this blog post finished!

So I will let it be. As my boss always says, “…good enough for jazz!” She knows I can be a perfectionist and has taught me that little mantra so that I don’t get stuck finessing one little thing while all the other work stacks up.

Here’s the original photo from Google Streetview:

Cape Town Milner Road, Southern Suburbs
Google Street View: Cape Town Southern Suburbs

7 replies on “Capetown South Africa: Virtual Paintout”

Jana. I like the shapes in the scene you chose. I haven’t done the Virtual Paintout in almost a year, but have been very impressed by the scenes people have been finding and painting in South Africa. Nice job.


I believe I like your painting better than your inspiration pic! It has more life in it! Thanks for reminding me about the Virtual Paint-Out and Google Street View….I no longer can say I don’t have anything to paint!


Colours are lovely (here in Cape Town, the colours are richest early in the morning and esp in late afternoon), but may I be pedantic and point out that the pic is of Devil’s Peak, not Table Mountain? They’re part of the same range, but not the same mountain.


Love your vision of the area. ‘Specially like the colors of the sweeping grasses. I too spend way too much time rambling the countryside in comparison to actually painting.


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