Elephant & Rider, Ink & Gouache

Elephant & Rider, Ink & Gouache

I drew this elephant to illustrate an interesting blog post for my job last week. The post is about change and uses the analogy of an elephant and a rider. The “Rider” is our rational, analytical side and the “Elephant” is our emotional side and the author explains why you have to work with both to make a change.

Elephant, ink drawing painted in Photoshop

Elephant, ink drawing painted in Photoshop

I drew the elephant in my sketchbook, scanned the line drawing and painted it in Photoshop. That’s the one I used for that post. Later I painted the line drawing at top with gouache in my sketchbook. Which do you like better?

Rats Rally the Herd, Ink & Gouache

Rats Rally the Herd, Ink & Gouache

I did this illustration for the same article, but it got rejected, theoretically because two pictures were too many for the one post, but I suspect it was because rats are a little too creepy, even though it is the acronym of a group that was highlighted in the post (RATS: Reading Apprenticeship Teachers and Supporters).

RA Rats, ink drawing recomposed & painted in Photoshop

Rats Rally the Herd, ink drawing recomposed, painted in Photoshop

I used the same line drawing for the final illustration above, but cloned/altered some of the rats and painted and sketched more in Photoshop. This is the one I proposed for the post and got rejected. I didn’t mind, it was fun to do.

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  1. They are both really cute (even the creepy rats). I am a big gouache fan so I prefer that one.

  2. I definitely like the gouache illustration best of all. You must have a fun job!

  3. The gouache one if my favorite! I have to agree that it sounds like you have a wonderful/fun job!

    • It is a really super job, but it’s still time away from painting–although getting to make illustrations is great, it’s done on my own time for for fun, not pay. My work day is all about solving problems and communicating; sounds a little like painting, but it’s work, not painting. Jana

  4. I prefer the photoshopped elephant but the original mice best. All are good though.

  5. Interesting metaphor. I think the emotional side is definitely big!

  6. They say that elephants are deeply emotional, they’ve even been observed forming funeral processions for their dead family members. I like the gouache and ink drawing best.

  7. Like them all, especially the ink-and-gouache rats!

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